Bees Cause More Structural Damage Than You Would Believe

We all know that there exists several different insect species that destroy structures, such as termites, which feed on wood based structures like houses. But as far as bees go, we can hate them for stinging us on past occasions, but we definitely cannot accuse honeybees of damaging man made structures, right? After all, bees do not chew through wood, stucco or metal, so they cannot damage your home or other manmade human dwelling.

Actually bees do, of course, cause extensive structural damage. However, the bees do not cause immediate damage to structures, instead a week passes before bees begin to threaten the structural integrity of manmade structures.

Perhaps the most serious example of bee induced structural damage would be their ability to destroy the felt as well as the vapor and moisture barriers between the walls of buildings. This is caused by the presence of an expanding beehive growing between two walls. According to a professional insect nest removalist, he sees about forty beehives wedged within walls each year. Now I feel lucky that there are only rats dwelling within my walls.

Have you ever had a professional remove an insect nest from your home?

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