Instilling Bed Bug Curriculum In The Minds Of The Young Proves Effective

There has been a lot of news lately about bed bugs in Florida. Not only does acquiring bed bugs seem more likely in the state of Florida, but this year researchers discovered a second active bed bug in Florida that they thought was extinct. So it is fair to say that Florida has a bit of a bed bug problem. In response to Florida’s bed bug problem, many schools have integrated bed bug education into the curriculum in order to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

The Jacksonville bed bug task force, as well as the University of Florida, is offering free educational programs that are designed to fit different age groups. The free learning curriculum is called Bed Bugs and Book Bags. The curriculum was developed after the environmental protection agency recommended an educational approach to preventing the spread of bed bugs. Since then the curriculum has been adopted by an astounding amount of teachers, and experts believe that the curriculum will likely make a difference in the amount of bed bug cases reported.

Do you believe that public schools should offer more insect related education?



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