Is The Zika Virus Here To Stay?

The Zika virus is officially no longer a global health threat, but that does not mean that the virus is contained. Last November the World Health Organization decided that the Zika virus was no longer a threat to the global population, although there are probably some Brazilian citizens that disagree with the WHO’s position. So how big of a threat is Zika today?

As I already mentioned, Brazil has yet to recover from the damage done by the Zika epidemic, and it will be a long time before Zika is just a memory to Brazilians. For example, Brazil has, and will continue to have, a public health crisis due to the large amount of infants that were born with deformities as a result of the Zika epidemic. So far Brazil has seen 1,749 babies born with Zika. According the Centers for Disease Control, each child afflicted with Zika related health issues amounts to between one and ten million dollars in health care costs. Obviously this is a big problem for many Brazilians afflicted with the disease since the disease hit the poorer regions of Brazil particularly hard. Luckily America was not nearly as hard hit by the Zika virus, but the Brazil situation proves that the Zika virus is far from gone.

Are there any other countries in the world that were as hard hit with the Zika virus as Brazil was?


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