Why Do Raccoons Get Along Well Living Near Humans?

Raccoons are everywhere as they are they are one of the most widely distributed and abundant of all mammals in North America. And people typically respond well to the presence of raccoons since they are so cute, which has aided them in becoming well adapted to human settings. Raccoons are omnivores and they will willingly…

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Spider And Insects Have Been Seen Crawling On Snow, And That Is Unusual

Some parts of the United States saw dramatic shifts in weather conditions. It seems like raining sleet, bouts of sunshine and icy roads can all occur in a single day for Americans living in the northern US. At times when the climatic conditions are erratic, it is not uncommon to see insects that you don’t…

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Groundhogs Are More Than Just Talented Prognosticators

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are unique creatures that many people do not know much about other than their popularity during the start of February. Groundhogs, as you may know, are large rodents, but you may not have known that groundhogs are the largest members of the squirrel family. Groundhogs are known for their long…

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Scientists Are Using A Unique Cave Spider To Learn More About Climate Change

Most spiders have evolved while being exposed to the sun, and the existence of an animal that does not require any precious resources from the sun, is perhaps, an impossibility since the sun is literally unavoidable for most creatures. And that would be true for most insects or spiders, but not for the cave spider.…

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How Odors Can Be Used For Mosquito Control

Some mosquitoes like biting certain people more than others. Of course, the mosquito is only choosing who to bite based on whichever odor is most pleasing to the mosquitoes senses. One of the cues that will get a mosquito’s attention is your breath, or more specifically, exhaled carbon dioxide. Therefore, if researchers could figure out…

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