A Few Interesting Facts About Spiders That You Probably Did Not Know

Spiders serve as a great example of a creature that possesses all of the right traits needed to thrive in large numbers. Spiders are, simply put, everywhere. There is probably a spider relaxing with one of your old pop-tart crumbs a few inches away from your big toe right at this very moment. The shear number of spiders within the room you are sitting in is so numerous you may start to give serious consideration to their ability to take over the world.

To put it one way, there are an estimated one million spiders inhabiting each acre of land, and in the tropics, that number reaches heights of three million. This won’t sound surprising to people that treat the rumor telling about how a spider is always at least a foot, (or something like that) away from you at all times, as the truth. But the fact is, that claim is absurd despite their impressive numbers.

Another interesting fact concerning the nature of a spider has to do with the unique manner in which they use their many legs to travel. It turns out that a spider always has four legs off of the ground and four legs on the ground at every moment. Who thought spiders could get be so interesting? Maybe if I learned more about them I could finally handle the occasional daddy long-legs on my own without the help of my exterminator.

What is the most interesting fact that you know about spiders?

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