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Invasive Insects Are Already Active Due To A Short Winter

There are several species of insects and arachnids that do not migrate or hibernate during the winter months. Instead many of these bugs will build underground burrows that they use as a warm shelter. So when you start seeing bugs again during the late winter months, you are probably seeing bugs that have been around all winter, but were hiding or hibernating. One example of an unliked bug that is making an unusually early appearance this year after months underground is the marmorated stink bug. These stink bugs do, in fact, hibernate underground, but only for a short while, and once the heat wakes them, they cannot fall back asleep again for a while.

Many people have their own unpleasant stories to tell about stink bugs. Many were probably hoping that these bugs would stay underground for just a little while longer. The marmorated stink bug is an invasive pest that arrived in the eastern states back in 2003, and since then insect control experts have been getting calls about them frequently. The most unpleasant thing about marmorated stink bugs is their determination to enter people’s homes during the later winter months. Some of these stink bugs even begin the hibernation process in damp or chilly parts of a person’s house, and when they wake up, they sometimes cannot figure out how to leave the house. In these cases marmorated stink bugs are fine with setting up shop in your house along with many little stinkbugs. If you happen to see one stink bug in your home, you may want to consult with your pest-control professional.

Have ever caught the stench of a stink bug? Was the smell similar to anything common?

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