Tick Bites That Spread A Meat Allergy Is Spreading On A Global Scale

If you live in a region of the United States where ticks are known to thrive, then I wish I had better news for you. Residents living in tick infested regions of the US are being warned by health officials that more and more people are developing unexpected symptoms from tick bites, and that extreme caution should be taken when not indoors.

In addition to having to worry about Lyme disease every time you venture outdoors, you now have to worry about life threatening side effects, and, for some reason, a lifelong allergy to meat, as well. A link between tick bites, and developing meat allergies was first noted in 2007, and since then health official around the world have also confirmed similar cases.

Researchers claim that the meat allergy is caused by some individual immune systems being too weak to fight off the proteins in a tick’s saliva. Immuno-sensitive people that are bitten by a tick stand a good chance of developing a distaste for red meat, and even sometimes dairy and gelatin. Now you have another reason to check yourself for ticks every time you reenter your home.

Have you ever pulled a tick off of your body? How did you dispose of the tick if you have?

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