A Cockroach Has Been Extracted From A Woman’s Nose

A very unlucky woman awoke one night to sensations of tingling in her nose as if there were something moving beneath her skin. The woman never expected to have a roach pulled out her nose, which was exactly what happened after doctors realized what was causing her odd sensations.

The forty-two year old woman who eventually realized that her head was doubling as a roach motel also told doctors that she was experiencing burning sensations in her eyes, as well as severe headaches, which is certainly to be expected given the situation.

Unfortunately, the woman was forced to travel from doctor to doctor in search of an explanation for the symptoms that she was experiencing, so those must have been some pretty incompetent doctors. When a doctor finally did notice the cause, he saw a roach burrowing into the roof of her nose near her skull base, which is right at the dividing point between the brain and nose. It is bad enough to have a roach living inside of your body, let alone your brain. Doctors have weighed in on this horrifying scenario and have claimed that this situation was “unusual,” which is what anyone would think.

However, one prominent doctor claimed that while these cases are rare they do happen since it is not uncommon to find bugs that have crawled into people’s ears. According to the doctor, Richard Nelson, he has seen over a dozen roaches inside of people’s ears over the three decades that he has been practicing medicine.

The reason why insects would climb into people’s ears more often than their noses is still not clear to experts, and I cannot imagine there being any future studies that shed light on this matter. Perhaps insects avoid people’s noses more often because there exists a greater chance that bugs can be forced out by the respiration of the unfortunate victim.

Have you ever swallowed a bug accidentally?

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