False Widow Populations Are Growing in Ireland– Is That A Problem?

A school was recently closed on account of a false widow sighting. Experts are saying that false widow spider populations are increasing, but is this a reasonable thing to be concerned about?

According to experts, false widow bites are venomous, but being bitten is rare as false widows do not typically behave aggressively towards humans. Also, sustaining a bite from a false widow is an extremely rare occurrence. In fact, you are much more likely to be stung by a wasp. It must also be kept in mind that only the females can cause bites. The much smaller males, on the other hand, could not even puncture your skin.

False widow populations are increasing. According to John Tweddle, a spider expert working for Live Science, it is only the existing populations of false widows that are increasing, and not the amount of colonies. The population of false widows is most likely on the rise as a result of dramatic shifts in climatic conditions. False widows are simply adapting to the slightly warmer global temperatures, and, evidently, they are thriving.

If you notice this increase in the false widow population, and if you spot one, then do not pick it up, as attempting to handle a false widow will get you bit. The false widow bite may feel intolerable, but the venom is no more dangerous than a wasps venom, so hang in there if one nabs you. However, bite wounds have been known to swell to the size of a tennis ball. This is why you should immediately apply ice to your wound in order to keep the swelling under control. So if one of these scary looking creatures does bite you, then just make sure you properly tend to your wound so that you can avoid the doctor’s office. The false widows are out there–be prepared!

Have you ever spotted a false widow? Did it closely resemble a black widow?

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