So How Much Wood Can A Woodchuck Chuck Anyway?

You have certainly heard that tongue twister before. “How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” That is a good question. Do woodchucks chuck wood? And what exactly does “chucking” wood mean? And if they do, then how much wood can they chuck? I suppose I never realized how many questions are contained within that one sentence.

Amazingly, somebody actually discovered the answer to this question; presumably someone with far too much time on his or her hands. However, the person that conducted this “study” is not exactly a scientist, and as you can already assume, science is not in a big hurry to find the answer to this old tongue twister. Then again, the person who did this research did come up with a number.

Woodchucks are more commonly referred to as groundhogs, and less commonly known as whistle-pigs, but woodchucks are not hogs of course, rather they are rodents. Woodchucks don’t actually eat wood, but they do chew on wood, so that is what the amateur researcher focused on. For the researcher, chucking was equated with chewing.

Somehow this amateur scientists was able to gather twelve different woodchucks in order to answer this common question, that, in fairness, nobody was really asking. After the lone researcher gathered his dozen woodchucks he simply gave them two by fours and sat down and watched them. This guy could be thought of as the Dian Fossey of woodchucks, only with much less formal education.

Amazingly the woodchucks actually ate much of the wood. It turns out that woodchucks can chuck three hundred and sixty two cubic centimeters of wood per day. So the next time someone comes at you with this annoying tongue twister of a question, you can shut that down by saying “362 cubic centimeters actually”. Now you all can die happy.

Have you ever considered how much wood a woodchuck could chuck?



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