Jumping Spiders Should Be A Little More Picky Regarding Mate-Choice

A jumping spider’s mating-life is not too exciting. Male jumping spiders simply advertise themselves to females until a female makes itself available for mating. Of course, the unfortunate males are often eaten afterwards, which, I am sure, puts a damper on the male jumping spiders post-mating good mood. Not all female spiders consume the males of their own species after mating, but a whole lot of them do. The male jumping spiders are still different from many other spiders in that they seem to be in a hurry to reproduce, even more so than usual. And it appears to researchers as though the male jumping spider does not take much time to discriminate mating options.

There are many spiders that do not have long to live once they reach adulthood. Therefore, these spiders must pass on their genes quickly, and that means that there is usually little to no time for males to be picky when selecting a mate. However, even these types spiders, despite being so pressed for time, normally show some indication of preference in a female mate, but this is not the case with the jumping spider.

Unfortunately for male jumping spiders, this mating strategy is not to their benefit.

According to entomologist, Lisa Taylor, jumping spiders spend a lot of time dancing and singing in order to attract a mate, but nearly all of their sexual energy is dedicated to this task. The male jumping spiders will take the first female available, which also means that male jumping spiders are eaten by female jumping spiders frequently. Other spiders can often prevent their deaths by choosing a female-mate that is unlikely to eat them. Researchers find this behavior to be odd since it does not promote the preservation of the organism. Jumping spiders remain one of the most studied spiders ever due to their peculiar traits.

Have you ever witnessed two jumping spiders mating within your own home?



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