A Women Suffered Physical Trauma After Sustaining A Black Widow Bite

Well for spiders being so harmless, they sure are in the news a lot for their debilitating bites. The bite-victims name, in this case, is Michelle Marriott. The mother was fifty two years old at the time of her bite. Marriott said that she had sustained the bite while hanging baskets in her garden. The spider managed to sink its fangs into the poor woman’s scalp. The spider-culprit is a false-widow, and despite its misleading name, this spider causes a lot of hospital visits around the world every year.

The woman was bitten twice, and when she woke up in the morning following the spider bite, she felt as though she was unable to talk. Different, and equally concerning physical symptoms quickly became visible. The women describes discovering the spider just a second or two after she experienced the worst headache of her life. Once Marriott reached towards the back of her head. What she felt she could only describe as a spongy-bump. Once Marriott began walking up her stairs, her legs suddenly gave out, and she had just suddenly found herself to be more or less paralyzed. She could not believe that one single spider bite was what had caused all of her recent health maladies.

Not only did Marriott suffer from issues with her motor coordination, but she had also developed a speech impediment. Marriott could not understand what she was saying, nor could she understand the spoken words of others. Mrs. Marriott lives in Australia, but she was vacationing during her spider encounter. Marriott is surprised that one of the many creatures from her home country did not do her in.

Mrs. Marriott is still undergoing tests in order to determine which, if any, illnesses that Marriott may still have to live with. However, she is feeling good, and she expects to make a full recovery.

Have you ever sustained a bite from a spider that possesses dangerous venom?

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