The Sometimes Dangerous Brown Recluse Spider Is Found Dwelling Amongst People

It is not uncommon to hear about people spotting giant and venomous spiders in rainforests and even desert climates, but some spiders can tolerate a variety of different environments. So finding a big and venomous spider in a region that is not known for spider activity is entirely possible. Just ask one family from Michigan.

A Michigan homeowner entered his garage last Sunday night and then promptly tried to leave as quickly as he could. I know what you are thinking, this homeowner is afraid of monsters, but that is not it, instead this man encountered an enormous brown recluse spider in the middle of his garage floor. Actually the homeowner found two of these fear-inspiring spiders. Spotting dangerous spiders in the Midwest is a rare occurrence, so the homeowner had the spiders identified, and sure enough they were two recluse spiders. The homeowner, as well as his wife and kids, claim to have no idea as to where the spider came from, but now the entire family is so scared that they are afraid of going to sleep.

The brown recluse spider has a powerful and extremely painful bite, but much of the time, the wound will repair itself. That does not mean that plenty of people have not been hospitalized as a result of sustaining a bite from these spiders. Sometimes a bite from a brown recluse can leave a wound necrotic, and often times amputation or skin grafts become necessary. The brown recluse is no laughing matter.

An entomologist with Michigan State University, Howard Russell, claims that brown recluse spiders are typically found in states that are farther south than Michigan. It appeared that the spiders lived a long life by taking refuge in the garage during the cold winter. The homeowner believes that the brown recluse spiders arrived along with his new kitchen cabinets. No matter how the spiders got there, lets just hope that they are gone.

Have you ever spotted a dangerous spider within your home? If you have then which type of spider was it?

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