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The world is full of termites. In fact, there are over two thousand different termite species in existence right now and having termites can get pricey as they cause billions of dollars in damages every year. Termites are social insects that evolved from cockroaches, and this occurred before dinosaurs even existed. Termites can be boring insects, as they seem to do nothing but destroy wood. However, there is one termite that will likely catch your attention on account of its strange behavior. This termite is known as the drywood termite, and it lives solely in wood, not soil. That means that the drywood termite never stops eating wood. These termites can make a quick snack out of your home’s foundation.

Since these termites eat continuously they produce a lot of waste, which can become overwhelming. The drywood termite solves this problem by poking little holes on the wood that they consume. These termites will then push their fecal matter through the wooden holes, successfully disposing of the waste. After a period of time passes the area beneath the consumed wood accumulates large amounts of waste from the repeated fecal-disposals. This is a common sign of a drywood termite presence.

Luckily for homeowners, drywood termites mostly stick to infesting trees. However, drywood tick infestations can be costly as a result of the extensive damage that they often get away with. Since drywood termites are active in arid conditions and live within small colonies, there presence is sometimes completely unnoticed until it is too late. Damage from drywood termites progresses slowly, so the damage is often unrecognized until it becomes irreparable. If you learn that you have drywood termites on your property, then you will want to call pest-control professionals immediately since do-it-yourself anti-termite techniques don’t work on this termite.

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