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Archive for June 2017

The Various Ways That Insects Defend Themselves

Be happy that you are not an insect, because insects are, more often than not, brutal creatures that kill without compunction. In the insect community there exists many different methods of hunting and killing. Some of these methods are short and quick, and others seem to be slow and painful. Some insects do not even…

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Is It Against The Law To Kill A Praying Mantis?

Sometime during the 1950s a rumor started to circulate about praying mantises. The rumor said that killing a praying mantis was illegal, and a violation of this law would result in a steep fine. Basically, many people used to believe, and some still do today, that praying mantises are protected under the law. Of course,…

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Are Insects Larger In The Tropics?

Are Insects Larger In The Tropics? If you had to guess where the world’s largest insects thrive, then you would probably find yourself imagining exotic locations with very little human activity, such as tropical jungles. Perhaps some would guess that Australia is home to the largest insects, while others would insist that South America contains…

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Termite Populations Are Expanding, But Why?

Termite Populations Are Expanding, But Why? We hear a lot about termites, and they are certainly common in the United States, but where? When it comes to ticks, for example, most of the American public knows that ticks are commonly found in the northeast portion of the US, as well as a few other regions.…

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Cave-Dwelling Spider With Red Fangs Found in Mexico

Down in the abandoned mine shafts in Mexico researchers recently discovered a new species of wandering spider called the Sierra Cacachilas wandering spider (Califorctenus cacachilensis), a relative of the extremely venomous and aggressive Barzilian wandering spider. It mostly lives in old mines and hidden grottos in Baja California Sur. While the Sierra Cacachilas wandering spider…

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Plastic Objects Floating In The Ocean Is Of Benefit To Insects

Plastic Objects Floating In The Ocean Is Of Benefit To Insects We have all heard sad stories about marine animals dying as a result of coming into contact with plastic objects in the ocean. Plastic objects can be dangerous to marine life for many reasons. The most common problem involves fish and birds becoming trapped…

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Can Insects Recognize Faces? | Texas Exterminator

You would think that only the most advanced mammals would be able to recognize faces. Studies have shown that both macaques and sheep are capable of recognizing other members of their animal family based on particular facial features. As you can imagine, the ability to recognize faces is extremely rare in the insect world. In…

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People Fear Bed Bugs Despite Not Knowing What They Look Like

People Fear Bed Bugs Despite Not Knowing What They Look Like Try and imagine that you are traveling across the country for a business trip or a family vacation. There are many things that could go wrong and become devastating, but what would be the worst thing that could happen? Well, when it comes to…

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