How Spiders And Insects Cause Vehicle Accidents

How Spiders And Insects Cause Vehicle Accidents

Have you ever freaked out over the presence of a spider or insect while driving your car? If you have, then hopefully your fear did not result in a crash. It may not be hard to believe that spiders and insects can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles as the result of a jump scare. However, there are many lesser known causes of spider and insect related car crashes, and in some cases, the drivers do not even notice the presence of an insect or spider within their vehicles.

Back in 2013 a popular vehicle company was forced to recall eight hundred thousand cars due to a spider related problem. Apparently, spider webs are common within vehicle engines. The hundreds of thousands of cars were recalled because spiders were able to build webs on a part of the engine that could result in an unexpected airbag deployment on the driver’s side. Not only that, but pesky spiders could even cause the power steering feature to become disabled. Two years earlier, in 2011, another popular car company was forced to recall fifty thousand cars because of yellow-sac spiders. These spiders were found to be nesting in gas-tank ventilation lines, thereby preventing ventilation. This problem could have led to cracked gas-tanks or even fires.

Cars are not the only vehicles that can become compromised by spiders or insects. For example, the insects that are referred to as black Portuguese millipedes caused a train collision in western Australia in 2013. These millipedes had been crushed and killed on the tracks. Eventually, enough millipedes were crushed to make the tracks too slick for train transportation. Luckily nobody was injured, but plenty had whiplash. It is also fortunate that one of the trains involved was a stationary train. So now you have an all-new reason for considering all types of travel to be dangerous.

Have you ever been involved in a crash as the result of becoming alarmed by a spider or an insect in your car?

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