Ring In The New Year Pest-Free!

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Bring in the New Year Without Any Of The New Pests.

It’s that time of year again! 2021 is right around the corner, and everyone is starting to ponder on their own New Year’s resolutions. According to various studies over the years, most resolutions include getting healthier, saving money, and getting ones living space clean and organized. As you think of all the goals you want to achieve in 2021, consider adding maintaining your home and pest proofing to the top of the list. This simple guide we’ve put together will help you and your family ring in the New Year pest-free.

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Protect Your Home, Your Family & Your Health All 2021 Year Long!

Though pest concerns typically vary by season, spiders and rodents being more active throughout the winter, and mosquitoes, ticks, and ants being more intrusive in warmer months. There are still some relevant steps that homeowners should take after the ball drops to kick start a pest-free New Year.

Here are some tips and suggestions to ring in the new year pest-free from our team here at GGA Pest Management. These are meant to help homeowners avoid unwanted pest infestations and property damage in the upcoming months. Happy New Year from our family to yours! 

Ring In The New Year Pest-Free With These Simple Tips:

ring in the new year pest free holiday tips gga pest management

#1. Store away your holiday decorations properly.

Taking down Christmas decorations can be quite a chore, but don’t skimp on packing them away with care. Replace boxes with durable plastic containers with tightly sealed lids. This will keep various pests from infesting your décor while in storage throughout the year.

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#2. Keep the kitchen & common areas clean.

Food particles left out are one of the main reasons pests snoop around your home. Make sure to tidy up the kitchen after every meal, regularly dispose of garbage cans, and store foods in sealed containers. Don’t forget to throw out expired or unused foods.

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#3. Ensure firewood is properly stored away.

Woodpiles are a favorite hangout for many pests. Be sure to store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and brush it off before bringing it indoors to avoid any unwanted visitors from hitching a ride indoors.

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#4. Maintain the exterior of the property.

Taking care of the exterior of a home during the color seasons is more crucial than you’d think. Inspect the area and remove any dead branches, bushes, and leaves from the yard. It’s important to consider cleaning out leaves and other debris from the gutters and fix loose shingles to prevent standing water, as well.

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#5. Seal any cracks or gaps.

Installing door sweeps and using home sealing techniques minimizes outdoor airflow and seals the gaps. This ultimately helps eliminate the space that is needed for rodents and insects to enter inside. It’s also recommended to seal up any cracks and crevices on the outside of the property, as well.

When in doubt. Call a professional.

Have pest concerns or just looking to cross pest-proofing off your New Year’s Resolution list? We’re always here to help. Schedule your free inspection with our team or call us at 254-666-3439 with any questions!

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