Prevent Pests At Your Thanksgiving Gathering

Prevent Pests At Your Thanksgiving Gathering

With the holidays right around the corner and the fall chill in the air, your home has become cozy and inviting. Unfortunately, alongside your Thanksgiving Day guests, pests will also start making themselves at home. So, what if bugs and rodents threaten to ruin your holiday plans? Here are a few tips to prevent pests at your Thanksgiving gathering this year.

Ways To Prevent Pests At Your Thanksgiving Dinner

The majority of insects and rodents seek food, water, and shelter in cooler months. Aside from your homes warmth, removing the majority of these elements can make your home less attractive. Most pest prevention starts with proper storage and consistent cleanup from everyone in the household.

These simple tips will help prevent spiders, rats, mice, and other pests from intruding on your holiday gatherings:

  • clean up any spills as soon as they happen

  • keep sugar in airtight containers

  • reduce clutter

  • seal any gaps, cracks around the home

  • replace cardboard boxes with plastic tubs

  • seal trash cans and dispose of often

These preventive tips should keep the bugs and mice out of your home before your Thanksgiving guests arrive. Despite your best efforts, you may still experience a pest infestation – in this case, calling in a team of pest professionals is a must. The team at GGA Pest Management will ensure that your guests talk about the amazing food and great company and not the bugs crawling across the kitchen counters.

Food storage in pantry, woman holding jar of sugar in hand.

Having a pest-free home all year long is even better.

If you’re interested in a quality of life upgrade and to stop battling pests in every season, our team can help. At GGA Pest Management, we have annual pest control programs that keep pests out of your property all year long. Life is better and safer without pests. Call us at 254-666-3439 or email [email protected] to schedule a free inspection. 

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