Spring Pests Prevention Guide

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Spring is finally upon us! It’s time to put those winter coats away and get ready for warmer weather. Along with the sun, large pest populations are also about to make their debut appearance. With warmer weather also comes many different types of pests re-emerging to invade your property once again. A few common spring pests include:

  • Bees & Wasps – the stings from these insects can cause painful swelling, infections, and allergic reactions.
  • Ants – in the warm springtime weather to boost their populations and grow new colonies.
  • Mosquitos – while most mosquito bites are usually just a harmless annoyance, some bites can lead to serious diseases.
  • Spiders – finding spiders in your home typically indicates the presence of other spring pests lurking around.
  • Fleas – flea & ticks hitch a ride by jumping on your furry friends or your clothing, wreaking havoc once indoors. These microscopic pests are very hard to remove!
  • Flies – flies and spiders create an unwelcoming atmosphere that only grows worse with time.
  • Rodents – rodents such as rats and mice are notorious for spreading serious diseases to households

These springtime pests are known for being extremely difficult to manage and even more so to get rid of. Prevention will be an extremely critical aspect of your yearly spring-cleaning efforts.

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Spring Pests Prevention: Ramp Up Your Cleaning Efforts

  1. De-cluttering and deep cleaning your home is a good place to start when spring cleaning. Don’t forget to check the unforgotten spaces, like closets, under appliances, or around boxes in storage.
  2. Clear out any debris in the front and back yard to discourage infestation by spiders and other yard pests. This includes removing leaves, branch piles, plastic containers, or toys.
  3. Kitchen trash should be properly sealed and also removed from the home as often as possible. Outdoor trash cans should also remain properly sealed to prevent rodents and other hungry springtime pests.
  4. Seal any possible entry points around the property, such as cracks, crevices, tears in window screens, gaps under doors, and breaks along the foundation of your home.

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