Do Fleas and Ticks Go Away in Fall & Winter?

Do fleas and ticks go away in colder weather

Most people believe that fleas and ticks tend to completely die out during the fall and winter months. However, if you’re someone who enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors or is a pet owner, it’s important to have protection against these blood-sucking pests all year long.

What Happens to Fleas and Ticks During fall & winter?


As cooler weather sets in, most tick activity will begin to slow down. Before winter, some ticks will begin to search for shelter as others will latch onto a host, like a pet, to stay warm.

Blacklegged ticks or dear ticks, however, will remain active as they are generally cold-resistant. This tick species is most common in rural and wooded suburban areas.

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Like ticks, many fleas will also go into hiding once temperatures start to cool. However, some survive and remain active by living in barns, stables and even your home – as long as they can find multiple hosts to feed on.

It’s important to note that fleas in hiding can quickly become active again (in as little as one day) if the weather allows. Flea infestations are also common after storms. In some locations and climates, fleas have the ability to be a year-round problem for homeowners.

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How to Protect Your Home From Fleas and Ticks

Because pest activity can pop up any time of year, it’s important to be proactive to avoid infestations of any kind.

  • If you own cats or dogs, keep up with flea and tick treatments year-round. Check with your vet to find the safest treatment for your pet.
  • Vacuum once a week to reduce the risk of flea eggs hatching indoors. Focusing mainly on carpets and rugs.
  • Inspect and wash your pet’s bedding to
  • Check your pet’s fur for fleas and ticks. If they are scratching or biting, bugs may be biting them.
  • Keep grass trimmed and well kept around your home
  • Schedule preventative pest control treatments for your property to ensure a strong barrier is created.

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At GGA Pest Management, we prevent most pest issues by locating and treating the root of the problem. For assistance with a flea and tick problem in your Texas home, call us at 254-666-3439 or book an appointment online. 

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