HTML Styles

This is what a bunch of text looks like without the “p tag”. If you were to look at the HTML version of this page, you would notice that this grouping of text does not have any sort of tag (denoted by <> preceding it and following it to close the tag). That is why this text is pretty generic and lacking any style. Chances are that the leading between the lines is a lot closer than the ideal as well.

This, on the other hand is what text looks like when it is surrounded by “p tags”. In case it is not apparent at this point, “p” stands for paragraph. It is the p tags that alert the CMS to the fact that this text needs to have certain styling applied to it. That is why this text probably looks a good deal different than the paragraph above. If you were to look at this text in the HTML, you would see a

just before the first word to open the tag and a

just after this sentence to close it.



Search engines look for H1s to determine a page’s title and use that in the weighting of the page in their rankings. Consequently, you never want to actually use the H1 in the content of a page because we automatically generate the H1 from the Page Name and Google would ding you for trying to game their algorithm if you had more than one on a page.

This is an example of an H2

This is an example of an H3

This is an example of an H4

This is an example of an H5
This is an example of an H6

And now for some lists…we’ll start with bullets

  • First bullet
  • Second bullet
  • Third bullet
    • Indented bullet
      • Twice indented bullet

Or if you prefer an ordered lis, as opposed to an unorded bullet list:

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item
    1. Once indented
      1. Twice indented

And finally, we’ll wrap this page up with some common text styling:

Here’s an example of what bold text looks like

And here’s italicized text

How about some underlining?

I can’t imagine why you’d use strikethrough on a website, but here you go.

Here’s and example of subscript

Or how about some superscript?

And last but certainly not least, here’s what a hyperlink looks like on this site.

odd – 1 odd – 2
even – 1 even – 2
odd – 3 odd – 4
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