Cricket Protein – Would You Try it?

By GGA Pest | Mar 23, 2015 |

Cricket Protein – Would You Try it? The next time you’re hungry for something nutritious or need a light snack when you’re on the go, look no further than your own back yard. And while there are few more steps to it than that, insects are becoming a delicacy in many countries and fair game…

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Best Waco Pest Control | GGA PEST MANAGEMENT

By GGA Pest | Mar 21, 2015 |
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Limit Your Termite Infestation Chances | Waco Termite Control

By GGA Pest | Mar 20, 2015 |

It is no secret that termites cause billions of dollars of damage every year in the United States. They prey on building foundations, joists, studs and even furniture once they get inside. Getting rid of them can be both difficult and expensive. In reality, termites are not looking for a “house” to munch on. What they…

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  1. J. L. and Linda Crawford on September 12, 2020 at 6:43 pm

    Michael Childs is a excellent technician and does a tremendous job. He always has a smile on his face and is a very enjoyable person to around. He makes sure that every aspect of his inspections are performed, and will not leave until the customer is completely satisfied.

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