Bees & Wasp Control

Texas Bee & Wasp Control

GGA Pest Management offers safe and effective pest solutions for your bee and wasp concerns. Our team understands the long & short-term effects of certain treatments on the environment and how it can negatively impact specific species such as honey bees.

Our stinging insect specialists and certified beekeepers on staff all use an integrated approach designed to offer our customers the most effective and safest pest management with the least environmental impact. Every situation will be individually addressed and tackled with a customized solution that will offer safety and peace of mind for our customers.

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Safe Bee Control & Removal

Bees must be treated much differently than other stinging insects. Do not attempt to remove bees or exterminate a beehive on your own. Without the proper knowledge, you could unknowingly cause a lot of harm to a protected species and ultimately - the environment.

Our team of pest control experts knows how to effectively handle bees, so you don’t have to. If removal is required, our licensed beekeeper on staff will address the removal as safely as possible.

Wasp & Hornet Control

Wasps and hornets can be extremely dangerous and typically more aggressive than bees. It's important that you have professional guidance before trying to remove them from your property.

Understanding and learning more about wasps behavior will determine how and when to treat and remove wasp nests to reduce the risk of being stung. Again, this is a very dangerous task that should not be done without professional guidance.

Our highly-trained and experienced pest professionals can safely and correctly remove any bee & wasp concerns around your property. Call us before trying to attempt this yourself.