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Flea & Tick Control in Texas
Warmer weather brings more outside and backyard activities with your family and pets. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also means flea & tick activity is at an all-time high.

We help homeowners all throughout Central Texas gain peace of mind from the difficulty that is associated with infestations. This is accomplished by creating a protective barrier around the property that is designed to keep these disease-carrying pests away.

We can significantly reduce the flea and tick population in your yard and around your home with our customized pest services, This allows you, your family, and pets to enjoy your time outdoors without the threat of illnesses from these painful bites!

Finding Hosts

Fleas' long legs can jump over 12 inches onto their human or animal hosts. A tick will wait on a blade of grass or the end of a leaf with its legs outstretched and will grab on as the host walks by.

Carry Disease

Ticks can pick up diseases with the blood they ingest. When they feed on other hosts, they leave behind a small amount of saliva containing the bacteria that transmit the disease to others.

Consume Blood

Fleas will find and make a home on an animal and feed frequently on small amounts of their blood. Ticks, however, will attach to them for a few hours to a few days and feed continuously. 


A flea can lay up to 50 eggs each day, making the flea population grow quickly. Treating a flea infestation involves eliminating the pests in your environment at every life stage, and killing the adult fleas on your pet.

Prepping For Treatment
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Vacuum & Clean Up

Vacuum all floors, including under beds and furniture to remove animal hair, debris, fleas, and flea eggs. Remove vacuum bag and dispose of in sealed trash. Pick up toys, clothing, etc. Mop all wood & tile floors. 

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Treat Pets

Pets should be treated by your vet on the day of treatment. Remove pets and people from the premises and do not come back to the home until the treatment has dried. Usually 3-4 hours.

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Wash Bedding

Take all bedding, sheets, pillows, blankets, and pet bedding and wash thoroughly in hot water. 

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Lawn Maintenance

The lawn should be mowed and watered before treatment. All toys, food & water bowls, and other items should be picked up and removed from the yard. Stay off grass for 3-4 hours after treatment. 

Enjoy being outdoors again.

These small pests are a threat to both you and your pets because they attach firmly and feed very slowly. This method makes them the most efficient carriers of diseases, such as Lyme disease. People with weak immune systems, elders, horses, dogs, and livestock can all be especially impacted.

And while wearing full-coverage clothing may help keep them off of you, it’s likely not a very comfortable option in the hot summer heat when flea & tick activity is at its highest.

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