Mosquito Control

Central Texas Mosquito Control

GGA Pest Management offers full-service residential mosquito control services throughout Central Texas. Texas is home to several types of mosquitos and can be found year-round, but are particularly active from February through November.

In addition to their itchy bite, mosquitos are a particular public health concern because some types of mosquitos found in Texas can carry and transmit diseases, such as West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis and, potentially, Zika Virus. These viruses can cause major illnesses and health issues in humans. Proactively treating your property for mosquitos can help minimize the threat of these diseases.

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Mosquitos can breed in even the smallest amounts of standing water. Some examples around your home to look out for include; dripping faucets, backyard ponds, birdbaths, and neglected swimming pools. Spots like this provide not only the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos but also place them in close proximity to you and your family.

FYI - Mosquitos enjoy resting in cool, dark places such as under fallen leaves or the eaves of houses.


In2Care Mosquito Station

Our team uses a scientific approach for our mosquito management and control. The In2Care Mosquito Station is designed to lure in and contaminate nearby mosquitos with a slow-killing larvicide. This is then spread to other breeding sites which are often hard to find and treat by our technicians. So, not only are the mosquito larva killed inside the trap but also those in its vicinity.


It is essential to maintain your home and property to prevent unwanted mosquitos. Clear your property of dead leaves, empty boxes & cardboard, garbage, and any other clutter that may offer mosquitos a comfortable place to rest (dark & damp spaces). Do your best to eliminate any standing water and keep your pool properly treated/maintained to make it an inhospitable breeding spot for mosquitos.

Examine all of your windows and doors to ensure the proper screens and weatherstripping is securely in place and there are no open tears. Keep doors and windows shut whenever possible, especially during the height of mosquito season - dusk and evening are when mosquitos are most active.

*Mosquito control is a separate service and not part of our general pest control plans. Please call (254) 666-3439 for more information or contact us for a mosquito control quote online.