Texas Spider Control
Seeing spiders around your home can be extremely frightening and dangerous. Since they reproduce so quickly, its easy to get unwanted spider infestations.

Like a lot of insects, spiders have their own purpose in this world but perhaps, just not in your home. Climate-wise, spiders are mostly found inside homes during the warmer months, which makes spider control in Texas especially necessary.

Although spiders can be found inside of your home all year long, their peak season is generally late summer and fall. 

The majority of spiders and webs are found around the exterior of the property. Generally, under eaves, inside garages, under the deck, etc. It is very important to inspect and address these areas frequently to avoid spider infestations.

Poisonous Bites

Spider bites can be painful, and extremely dangerous. Some bites inject poison into their victim and require medical attention. 


Walking through spider webs around your home is an uneasy feeling that no one wants. Spiders will utilize your walls and patio furniture to spin their webs if left untreated. 

Sign of Other Bugs

Spiders feed off of other bugs and know how (and where) to trap them. Hint: if you see spiders, know there are other insects living in your home. 

4,000+ Spider Eggs

A single female spider can lay more than 4,000 eggs in its lifetime, making DIY spider control a huge challenge most can't handle on their own. 

A Black Widow Spider spinning a web in an oak tree.
Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders are one of the most venomous spiders in the US. With venom 15x stronger than a rattlesnake.

yellow garden spider texas pest control
Yellow Garden Spider

Yellow garden spiders are non-aggressive and known for their intricate web patterns and belong to the group of orb weavers. 

brown recluse spider texas pest control
Brown Recluse Spider

People bitten by a brown recluse should get emergency medical treatment, as their bites can lead to serious reactions or even death

wolf spider texas pest control spider control
Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders don't wait for dinner to come to their web, they actually chase down their prey just like a wolf does. 

Routine Spider Web Removal

Our technicians are trained to web brush the entirety of every property, each visit, to ensure any possible spider infestations, webs, and even wasp nests are removed before we treat the home. Performing this diligently every single visit keeps your home or business spider-free and web-free. 

Keeping Your Home Spider-Free. Our thorough ongoing treatment plans will fortify the protection against spiders.

Reduce Infestations. Your assigned technician will inspect the property and make recommendations to reduce unwanted spider activity, such as covering vents or sealing cracks.

Learn more about our Home Seal & Exclusion services. 

web brushing pest control
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