Texas Cockroach Control

Texas Cockroach Control
Cockroaches come with a lot of problems. These creepy pests are known for spreading germs around your property and can transmit disease to your loved ones.

Having cockroach infestations inside of your home or business can cause food and surface contaminations, transmit disease, cause allergies and come with unpleasant foul odors. GGA Pest Management reduces the risk of infestations with a customized cockroach control plan, consistent quarterly upkeep, and advanced exclusion & home seal tactics for your specific situation. 

Breathing Problems

The feces and saliva cockroaches leave behind can actually trigger asthma attacks and allergy symptoms. 

Contaminate Food Supply

Cockroaches are always in search of food. As they scour your pantry and kitchen for snacks, they can quickly contaminate your food supply. 

Carry Diseases

These creepy crawlers are known to carry bacteria that have caused cases of Typhoid and even Polio. 

Germ Spredding

Skin and allergic reactions, including hives, itching, and pale skin. Difficulty breathing and swelling of the throat and tongue are also severe side effects.

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Consistent Cleaning

Keep cockroaches away by washing dishes and putting them away. Mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming regularly and removing grease from stovetops. 

pantry storage to prevent cockroach infestations
Proper Food Storage

Sealing your food in storage containers is a great option to prevent cockroaches from snooping through your pantry. 

change trashcan out to keep cockroaches away
Change Trash

Try to take your trash out regularly to prevent odors from attracting cockroaches into your home or business. 

declutter home to prevent cockroach infestations

Clutter around your home provides cockroaches with everything they need to survive, such as food, shelter, and water. 

Proper cockroach control starts with removing their food sources and nesting places.

Cockroaches enjoy hiding in dark, moist spaces usually in crevices and cracks. The first step to eradicating an infestation is to remove their food sources and nesting places. With a detailed cockroach control plan and persistent and preventative measures, our pest technicians can ultimately make your property an unattractive place for cockroaches to thrive. We will continually manage your infestation over time while also preventing any future infestations from happening. 

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Get rid of cockroaches from your home or business with a little help from GGA. Book a free inspection today!
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