Get rid of ants with the help of your local Waco ant control experts.
We identify and protect your home, yard, and business from ant infestations - so you can have peace of mind.

No one is safe from an ant infestation! Ants are found all over the world, in various regions and climates. They thrive especially in our own backyard. Proper Texas ant control is essential to avoid painful bites and destruction to your food sources and property. 

The first step in eliminating an ant infestation in and around your home or business is to identify which ant species you're dealing with. Understanding specific species of pests is critical in order to truly develop a proper ant control or general pest control strategy.

Leave Trails

Ants leave an invisible trail that contains pheromones for other ants to follow once food is located


Colonies can number up to 500,000 and whole colonies can uproot and relocate quickly when threatened.


Ants can nest anywhere in and around your house—in lawns, walls, stumps, and even under foundation.


A colony can live a relatively long lifetime. Worker ants may live seven years and the queen may live up to 15 years.

Shield your yard from fire ants mounds for up to one year and protect your family from painful ant bites.

Get back to enjoying the outdoors this spring and summer and protect your lawn, pets, and children from fire ant bites with our advanced fire ant prevention service. Eliminate ant mounds and protect your lawn from fire ants for up to one year, guaranteed. This is a one-time treatment that is administered 1x a year. 

Annual Treatment

This is a one-time treatment that is administered precisely once a year. 

Protects Your Yard

After the application is administered, the perimeter of your home will be protected year-round by granular insecticide 

1 Year Guarantee

This service is guaranteed to control and prevent fire ant infestations for up to one year.

Prevents Infestations

An advanced program designed to control and prevent unwanted fire ant infestations.

carpenter ant contol texas
Carpenter Ants

These pests burrow and chew through wood and significantly damage your property structure. It is not easy to eliminate carpenter ant infestations. One queen can live up to a whole 25 years.

acrobat ants texas pest control
Acrobat Ants

You will notice these ants trailing along trees and fences and making their way through the holes and cracks in your home. They are also known for is emitting a foul-smelling odor when threatened.

fire ants ant control in texas
Fire Ants

Red fire ants will attack anyone or anything that they feel is intruding on them. They are one of the few ant species that can give a quite painful sting.

black ant control
Carpenter Ants

Small black ants generally live outdoors. Building their nests in dark areas such as underneath rocks, logs, and decaying trees, But, indoors, little black ants can be found in woodwork, baseboards, and even under carpeting.

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