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We understand that your property is one of the single largest investments you will make throughout your life. When it comes to protecting your property, and the health of your family and customers from termites, rodents, and other destructive pests, we guarantee that our team of highly trained technicians will provide an effective job every single time. Our work is 100% guaranteed. Meaning, if your pest concerns come back, so will we!

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Your Local Texas Pest Control Experts. Keeping Central Texas Pest Free For 30+ Years

GGA Pest Management Services started in 1987 by Entomologist, Dr. Fred R. Huffman, Ph.D. out of Waco, Texas. With the sole purpose to successfully provide homeowners and business owners with the most efficient pest control services and pest management strategies available. We especially know the annoyance of having unwanted pests in our homes and businesses. Yet, these termites, ants, roaches, spiders, bats, birds, and mice when untreated, have the ability to cause upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected damages. That is why our team believes in thoughtful pest prevention tactics and a job well done the first time. Getting to the problem at its root and preventing further infestations from taking place and not merely just a treatment of symptoms, like most pest control companies. Our services will always be custom-tailored to address and resolve your specific needs.

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Have Peace Of Mind

Enjoy the peace and comfort of your own space without spiders, ants, roaches, wasps, and other various pests invading. We will eliminate and prevent these pesky rodents and insects from returning to your home, and if the pests come back, so will we! 

Fred owner staff gga pest management

Preserve Your Health

Various insects and rodents can be dangerous. Keep you and your family safe by avoiding the risk of known allergens, venomous snake or spider bites, serious diseases, and other health hazards resulting from untreated pest activity. 

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Protect Your Investments

Wood eating pests, especially termites, can cause serious damage and decrease the overall property value. Our services are designed to protect your investments while also offering options that avoid using harsh chemicals. 


  • spiders waco pest control gga pest management


we can help determine what spider species you are dealing with and administer the best spider removal methods.

  • termite control services gga pest management


while they don’t bite or spread disease, they are extremely destructive and can cause significant structural damage when they infest a property. 

  • pest control ants waco texas


ant infestations in households are very common and also very difficult to control without the assistance of a pest professional

  • mosquito control pest management


besides being a nuisance, there are several diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, including West Nile virus, yellow fever, and more  

  • rat attic home seal pest protection


mice and rats living inside residential and commercial spaces can cause expensive destruction with wiring and other various structures.

flea & tick

animals carry fleas, and infestations can occur when wild animals like raccoons or squirrels live in the attic, under decks, or crawl spaces. 

  • gga pest bed bugs

bed bugs

these tiny pests feed on their human hosts' blood. Even worse, they spread easily and are fairly difficult to control without the assistance of a professional exterminator. 

  • most common household bugs gga pest management


spotting just one cockroach inside of your home and/or business is often a bad sign that there are much more hidden elsewhere in and around your property. 

  • earwigs pest control service waco texas


earwigs are active at night, prefer cool damp areas, and will hide in cracks during the day. Mostly under rocks, mulch in flowerbeds, logs. etc.

  • honey bees and wasp pest control


many bees, wasps, and hornets look very similar. One of our pest professionals can help identify what species of stinging insect you are dealing with to avoid any injuries. 

  • silverfish insect gga pest management


silverfish pests often present a virtually mild risk to people & their property. These insects do not transmit disease but may trigger allergies in some. 

  • scorpion pest control waco texas


scorpions can be a huge liability to occupants living or visiting within your home and/or establishment. Rather than attempt to do it, allow us to eliminate them properly & safely.


Refer a friend and save $25 on your next quarterly visit.

GGA Pest Management believes in pest-free living. We also strongly believe in rewarding our customers for their loyalty. Mention your referral to one of our team members and we will apply the $25 credit directly to your account!

Prevent pests from getting inside with home seal protection

GGA Pest Management is not your typical pest control company. Our team is not trained to just spray and go away. We have implemented effective solutions to determine the source of your pest problems, prevent infestations before they start while managing the insect or rodent problem all the way to its completion.

Pest Control Services

We believe that pest prevention is better than the traditional pest control services out there. Traditional services involve the routine application of insecticides inside and outside of your home, whether they are needed or not. Our team inspects your property to ensure only proper services are being administered.

Bed Bug Control

Having bed bugs in your home or business can cause a number of health effects on your family and/or guests, including skin rashes and allergic reactions. We are properly trained to pinpoint evidence to determine if bed bugs are present.

Termite Control

Our team is always on the cutting edge when it comes to your termite control and pest control needs. We use the latest technology and provide our team with the best practices, to help you get rid of your pesky termites and prevent them from returning.

Rodent Control

Mice and rats are trouble for your home and/or business. Rodents carry diseases and cause mayhem throughout your property. Most rodents will continue chewing through the structure until they are stopped.

Animal Control

Our services include dead animal removal, trapping, nuisance wildlife control, and animal capture. We will permanently get rid of animals in your home or business and can handle any wild animal situation, from bats, birds, raccoons, squirrels and snakes.

Gutter Protection

The Leaf Defier gutter protection product is an added service that helps reduce the potential for unwanted insects, rodents and other pests around your home.


“Very thorough, has great attention to detail”

Tommy Miller serviced our house for wasps, bugs, and mosquitos. He went above and beyond to ensure we were happy. Tommy is extremely knowledgeable and won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. He is very thorough, has great attention to detail, and is an all-around great guy. I highly recommend GGA and Tommy Miller for all your pest control needs.

Mike Lane

“Thanks, GGA for great service!”

GGA was so helpful! We had Kurtis as our tech and his insight on our situation was exactly what I was looking for. We had another company come out to get a quote for a one-time treatment, and while their price was lower, so was the quality of service. We paid a little bit extra to go with GGA, and we’re so glad we did. Kurtis took the time to talk to me about the problem areas of my home and how to fix them. I’m going to take his advice and know that the one-time treatment will help our current situation, and the long-term solutions will help long-term. He didn’t push expensive treatments and was very easy to work with. He was also kind to our pets and that meant a lot to us. Thanks, GGA for great service!

Raechel R.

“Reliable, knowledgeable, and kind.”

Mike Child’s with GGA is my home technician. He is always reliable, knowledgeable, and kind. No matter the issue regarding pests I know I can ask and he’ll give me solid information or at least a solution. I highly recommend GGA Pest control for any family or business!

Wendy Noriskin

“Profession coupled with great personality!”

Tommy Miller, Technician at GGA, introduced us to the services of GGA when we were in need of rescue from the giant water bugs. Tommy’s professional expertise inspecting the property, explaining the recommended treatment, and making the application took care of the critters. Whenever I have questions regarding integrated pest control Tommy has been available to discuss it with me. He knows his profession and coupled with a great personality helped us to decide to continue with GGA a second year.

Patricia McLaughlin

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