Home Seal Pest Protection For Your Home & Business

Are you looking for an effective and safe way to prevent roaches, spiders, scorpions, and other unwanted insects and rodents from getting inside of your home or business? Home seal pest protection is the simple answer!

GGA's experienced technicians are trained to identify the various pest and rodent entry points throughout your property and will use a variety of methods, from caulking the areas to Xcluder™ fill fabric and weather stripping. The most beneficial method for your specific pest concern and building structure will be applied after the technician has thoroughly evaluated the entire property.

By eliminating these entry points to your home or business, unwanted pests will no longer be able to gain entry inside. This is one of the best defenses you can take to prevent an indoor infestation on your property. Our home seal protection methods are also great at removing pests from the exterior of your home/business. These entry points can be located on the top of your roof or in your foundation, below ground.

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Home seal protection options:

Benefits of applying home seal with GGA:

Weather Stripping Doors & Windows

Caulk Brick Pockets, Windows, Doors, Outlet Fixtures

Custom Garage Door Seal Strips

Crawlspace Covers & Screen Vents

Customized To Your Property Structure

Blocks Unwanted Pest & Rodent Entry

An Effective Pesticide-Free Alternative Method

Free Home Seal Protection Inspection

Specialized Home Seal Professionals

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


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Check the area for raccoons, mice, or squirrels that may already be living inside your attic space. Trap these rodents and seal off the possible entrance areas. Trapping or eliminating your pest problem prior to sealing the space is a crucial and important step.


Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy task to accomplish. To better prevent and avoid them and prevent them from returning, ensure you are thorough in your efforts. A few tips include, regularly washing everything, including your bedding, mattress covers, and even curtains. Always keep your eyes peeled for any bugs on your mattress, and when replacing your sheets.


Routinely check your window screens for any out of the ordinary damage and or/holes. If damage is found, it is important to immediately fix any of these openings to ensure you are keeping out any unwanted mosquitoes, spiders, flies, stink bugs (and more) in the future.


Lighting plays a big part when it comes to preventing bugs from swarming your home or business. Most bugs are drawn to bright white lights, such as traditional incandescent bulbs, while the least appealing to insects are warm-colored lighting. To reduce the amount of insects hanging around, we recommend sticking to warm-colored LED bulbs to light your porch, or garden in the evenings.

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