Pest Exclusion

Pest Exclusion in Waco, Texas
Keep rodents and pests away from your property by preventing them from even entering in the first place!

Looking for a safe, effective, and chemical-free way to prevent roaches, spiders, rodents, and other unwanted pests from getting inside your home or business? GGA Pest Management's pest exclusion and home seal services are the simple answer!

The key to effective pest exclusion is to properly seal any and all entry points to the inside of your property. This includes cracks in the foundation or walls, vents, windows, drains, and any other points of entry that are not sealed off to pests.

Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping prevents bugs from entering through any gaps near the tops or sides of any windows or doors around the property. 

Door Sweeps/Seals

Unknown gaps under doors and garage doors are one of the most common entry points for rats and other pests. Door sweeps and garage seals provide an impassable barrier to protect your home from infestations. 

Caulking Cracks

Caulking is a discreet way to seal up any tiny holes, cracks, or gaps around the property, denying pests access. 

Mesh Screens & Wool

Mesh is an extremely effective, safe, and environmentally friendly option. Use mesh screens to exclude bats and squirrels from the attic or mesh wool to prevent rats from the kitchen. 

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Attics & Roofs

Check the area for raccoons, mice, or squirrels that may already be living inside your attic space. Trap these rodents and seal off the possible entrance areas. Trapping or eliminating your pest problem prior to sealing the space is a crucial and important step.

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Door seals and door sweeps are measured specifically for your property to ensure complete protection from pest and rodent entry via doors around the home.

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Routinely check your window and window screens for any cracks or damage. If tears are found, it is important to immediately fix any of these openings to ensure you are keeping out any unwanted mosquitoes, spiders and flies.

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Lighting is crucial when it comes to preventing bugs from swarming around your home or business. Most are drawn to bright white lights, such as traditional incandescent bulbs. To reduce the number of bugs hanging around, we recommend sticking to warm-colored LED bulbs on your porch, or in your garden.

The Benefits of Pest Exclusion & Home Seal Services

GGA Pest Management's experienced pest technicians are trained to identify pest and rodent entry points around your property and will use a variety of methods such as caulking gaps and cracks, stuffing holes with Xcluder™ fill fabricand sealing areas around doors and windows with weather stripping. The most beneficial method for your specific pest issues combined with the state of the structure will be applied after the technician has thoroughly evaluated the entire property.


By eliminating these entry points, pests and rodents will no longer be able to gain entry inside. Our pest exclusion and home seal options are some of the best defenses you can take to prevent any indoor infestations from happening in the first place.


Exclusion/home seal is a pesticide-free option that offers effective results. 

Free Inspections

We will perform a detailed inspection of your home or business to ensure every possible entry point is addressed. 

Blocks Pest Entry

Prevent pests from gaining access to your property to begin with!

Blends Aesthetically

A more permanent solution that withstands the elements, prevents critters and blends aesthetically.

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It's time to block pests out! Get a free inspection for our pest exclusion & home seal services
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