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Rat and Mice Rodent Control

Rodents and other pests often carry diseases, and rats and mice can be a serious menace to your home and property. Rodents will frequently raid your trash bins, fruit trees, garages, gardens and wherever else they can find food sources. Rodents can also chew through electrical wiring and wood, which can increase the dangers of a building fire (about 1/4 of building fires in the United States are caused by exposed wires due to excessive rodent damage).

These pesky unwanted rodents also relieve themselves almost everywhere in and around your property, causing health hazards as well as some nasty lingering odors. On top of that, they also introduce disease-carrying parasites such as fleas and ticks into your home or business. GGA will send a highly trained pest professional to identify, inspect and design a customized rodent and pest program just for you.

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mice and rat rodent control gga pest management texas

These small rodents are both destructive and noisy. If you have a mice or rat infestation, it will be hard to ignore the obvious signs. Rodents urinate in your walls and all throughout your home and/or business, generating a noticeable odor. They will also leave greasy marks near entrances and along pathways. Their presence can ultimately harm the health of your pets and your family as well.

Indicators of a Rodent Infestation:

Droppings: Rodents leave behind droppings, mostly near food sources and nests.

Noises: Listen out for scratching and squeaking sounds in the attic and walls.

Nests: Rodents will build nests, often in attics or crawl spaces, by using a collection of materials.

Damage: Rodents will chew through drywall, wood, insulation, electrical components, and much more.

Our rodent control service is designed to:

Identify rodents and rodent damage

Inspect conditions conducive to rodents

Seal/Close entry and exit points

Install traps

Return and remove traps

Prevent rodents from returning


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