Spider Control

Spider Control in Texas

Like a lot of insects, spiders have their own purpose in this world but perhaps, just not in your home. Climate-wise, spiders are mostly found inside homes during the warmer months, which makes spider control in Texas especially necessary. Although spiders can be found inside of your home all year long, their peak season is generally late summer and fall.

The majority of spiders and webs are found around the exterior of the property. Generally, under eaves, inside garages, under the deck, etc. It is very important to inspect and address these areas frequently to avoid spider infestations.

spider control
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Routine Spider Web Removal

The team at GGA Pest Management is trained to web brush the entirety of every property to ensure any web or spider infestations are removed before treating the home. Doing this every quarter keeps our client's homes spider-free, web-free, and pest-free.

Other Tips To Keep Spiders Away

  • Regular home cleaning
  • Vacuum up webs around home
  • Prevent clutter and build-up
  • Capture and release any spiders found
  • Quarterly maintained pest control

GGA Pest Management will develop the best spider control treatment plan for your home or business that will eliminate spiders and webs and that will prevent them from returning.