Insects Inspire New Hearing Aid

Insects Inspire New Hearing Aid 17898534_s


In a world where most people are trying to terminate insects, it is nice to remind ourselves of the good they can bring.

According to phys.org, an insect inspired microphone that can cut down on background noise may revolutionize modern day hearing aids.

The miniature microphone used in these hearing aids will be similar to the ear of an insect. According to Dr. James Windmilll, of the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering at Strathclyde, “Currently, users can tell whether a sound source is in front or behind, but struggle to detect sounds from below or above, such as echoes in a large room. We aim to solve the problem using a new type of miniature directional microphone, inspired by how some insects hear sounds.”


Insect inspired hearing aids… you “heard” it here first!

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