California Drought Brings Bugs In Its Wake

California Drought Brings Bugs In Its Wake

Los Angeles is currently listed as the second “buggiest” city in the nation.  Although its dense urban environment has always been a harbinger for bugs, the severe drought that is plaguing California is making matters worse.

Under normal conditions the rainy season (typically winter) wipes out a percentage of bug hatchlings.  With permanently dry weather, however, many more insects reach adulthood.  The warmer, dryer weather is more conducive to bug proliferation as well.

Pest control companies are see big rises in business.

The top five creatures that are increasing in numbers are:  spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and rodents.  Although there are more rodents, the number of snakes is also on the rise.  Rattlesnakes, for example, typically lose up to half their eggs during the rainy season.

Without the rain, the urban environment is in store for a lot more critters seeking food and shelter.  Homeowners who have pools are the most likely hosts for insects as well as rodents.  All creatures need water to live, and will flock to yards where they can easily obtain it.

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