Wildlife Encounters: Tips And Precautions For Homeowners

Wildlife Encounters: Tips And Precautions For Homeowners

If you read bible stories, you may recall one about Noah and the ark where he was depicted to have herded various forms of wildlife onboard his boat in anticipation of a great flood. Fast forward to today and biologists of the Texas Parks and Wildlife department warn citizens that such dangerously close wildlife encounters may happen frequently once more as a result of this season’s excessive floods.

During the month of May alone, the National Weather Service reports that Texas received 35 trillion gallons of rain, enough to submerge the state under 8 inches of water.

On the other hand, officials see the recent spate of rainfall as a good thing for the state of agriculture and wildlife habitat as floodwaters will deliver and spread much-needed nutrients.

But if you’re a homeowner participating in post-flood cleanup efforts, here are basic tips and precautions:

  1. Plan your moves or cleanup efforts only during daylight hours.
  1. Be careful when cleaning up debris piles. Snakes and other animals may seek shelter under such areas.
  2. If you do come into contact with a snake in your property, leave it alone and it will usually depart on its own. If it presents immediate danger and doesn’t show any sign of leaving soon, contact your local animal or pest control professionals or licensed snake removal experts.
  1. If you discover an abandoned animal, resist the urge to investigate or help them yourself. Call your local wildlife officers and report the discovered animal. Requesting professional assistance will help make the process of rejoining their caretakers seamless and can help avoid unnecessarily agitating the animal and endangering yourself or your family.
  1. For home and land owner with businesses to get back to, contact your local pest control experts for a swifter, more effective solution to getting rid of more insidious, property-damaging critters.


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