Award Winning Bread Baked with Bugs

Award Winning Bread Baked with Bugs

The final exams are over.  At the school of Food, Nutrition and Health in north Britain, the heated competition meant a tasty finished product.

At the end of each school year, the Young Scientist Competition searches for the best science and nutrition based product, and this year’s unusual winner was a bread made from mealworms.  Delicious, nutritious and, according to its creator, a harbinger of sustainable eating.

There’s been much buzz lately over insect eating, as climate change accelerates and the earth’s resources dwindle.  Creative environmentalists and culinary artists agree that bugs should (and could) be the next big food wave.

Although Europeans are shy about including insects at mealtime, the mealworm bread concocted by experienced baker Gemma Lamb may be just the ticket to entice some of the UK’s more adventurous eaters.

Gemma vanquished eight other competitors to snatch the title of Young Scientist title.

Mealworms are high in protein, and sometimes used to make flours.  They are marketed as livestock feed in the UK, but Ms. Lamb was able to procure some of food-grade quality to use in her dish.

“They are fine – just crunchy and don’t particularly taste horrible. But they do have a distinctive smell and that is what puts you off rather than the actual taste,” she noted.

To mask the odor, she used basil and garlic.  After testing the final bread against a mealworm-free control, she was confident it could be a contender.

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