Bed Bugs Are Back! 10 Tips To Protect Yourself

Bed Bugs Are Back! 10 Tips To Protect Yourself

A gruesome thing about bed bugs is that you won’t know they’re there unless, usually, it’s too late.

A responsible homeowner would usually call a pest control professional for precautionary measures, as these experts can help you guard against common invaders, and not just bed bugs. After all, prevention is better — and much less costly, than cure. On the other hand, here are 10 more tips to help you protect yourself against bed bugs:

  1. Identify the signs of bed bug presence. Such as pepper-like spots on surfaces. Investigate debris between crevices or other mattresses.
  2. Change bed linens often and be vigilant about thorough inspection.
  3. Inspect hotel rooms before settling in. Inspect the bed and furniture. Keep bags far from walls, furniture, or carpeting. Bathroom tiles are your safest bet.
  4. When you get home, inspect your luggage. Bring clothes home in a plastic bag and wash and dry them on high heat.
  5. Watch out for antiques and second-hand furniture. Carefully inspect any used furnishings before bringing them home.
  6. Examine clothes before leaving a store and always wash new clothes.
  7. When traveling, keep bags and things off the floor when you can.
  8. Regularly declutter. This will make it easier for you to detect signs of bed bugs and call a professional.
  9. Don’t ignore the signs. Inspect further to avert a crisis.
  10. Call a licensed pest professional immediately and follow their instructions. To avoid disastrous consequences such as having to throw away some or all of your furniture, carpeting, beds, sheets, and other infected stuff away, DO NOT DIY. A professional can help you banish bed bugs without having to go through such drastic measures.

Even if a bed bug infestation is something you’d rather stay mum about, this is an issue you’re better off dealing with ASAP. Ignore or treat it lightly, and you can rest assured there will certainly be things under your bed crawling up to bother you at night — and they won’t be just in your nightmares.

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