A patch to stop mosquitos? I’ll take 10!

A patch to stop mosquitos? I’ll take 10!

In a recent study, scientists have located a facility that is actually creating a patch to be worn by humans that will disorientate mosquitoes, making us virtually invisible and unwanted to their confused senses.

The study walked a user through every home remedy and chemical you can think of to see which actually works in the world of repelling mosquitos. The user first put his untreated and unprotected arm into a test box filled with mosquitos, and yes; 35 bites in less than a minute.

The next test was different forms of protection from bands and clothing to DEET spray. While each worked minimally, none of them worked effectively 100% of the time.

Until the user was introduced to the Kite facility, and the Kite compound. It essentially is a patch to put on your clothing, which should be released to market in 2016. When the user was wearing this patch covered in the proprietary blend of exactly what (we don’t know). The user was completely unaffected or bothered by the mosquitos.  The new compound is said to work by confusing mosquitos. They target humans based on our breathing and exhaling specifically. This compound emits an odor that hinders a mosquito’s ability to locate humans up close.

I will be the first in line to purchase this patch if in fact it is found to continue its effective results. It will change backyard BBQ’s one swat at a time. No more citronella, or awful chemical spray smells? I’m in!

More information on the research in process for repelling mosquitoes can be found here

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