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Archive for September 2015

Grass to keep away mosquitos?

Grass to keep away mosquitos? The idea is something we have never heard of. Researchers are now testing the chemicals and oils in sweet grass to determine if it is as effective as chemical pesticide. These scientists have already determined that there are two chemical compounds work as repellants. The sweet grass grows long and…

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Stop them in their tracks | Waco Ant Control

Stop them in their tracks How can we combat invasive ants? Researchers may have found the solution. Invasive ants can take over your home in no time. They are annoying and will leave you covered in bites once they feel you are attacking their new home. Scientists however have found a virus that can infect…

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Get out you pesky ants! | Waco Ant Control

Get out you pesky ants! How do I keep them away! They are more annoying than the majority of other insects and household pests. What are they? Ants. They make a feast on our leftovers during the summer months, invading our sugar bowls and anywhere else they can find a food source. Here are some…

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How do I treat a mosquito bite?

How do I treat a mosquito bite? Camping, fishing, hiking and outdoor exploring can leave you open to mosquito bites. After all you are now in their home, on their territory. Mosquito bites are so common, some people have a built up immunity from their effects. Although the majority of bites are minuet, some can…

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a ….. SPIDER?

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a ….. SPIDER? Flying spiders? WHAT! Spiders don’t fly! Of course they don’t, but some appear to be gliding which is a feat for such a small insect that doesn’t have wings. Researchers in the rainforests of Panama and Peru have researched and documented the instances of spiders…

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Ghost Ants!

Are you being watched? Do you have that gut feeling that something is out there spying on you? Maybe just in the shadows or behind the baseboard? Ghost ants might be your answer. While they may have an eerie name, they aren’t really scary. It’s their small size and pale, ghostly color that gives them…

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Different Stingers

Different Stingers Do you know the difference between and wasp, hornet and bee? Missy Henriksen has some answers and some tips on how to avoid them.  A wasp is slender and generally not aggressive. They will however sting if messed with or when threatened. The will also gaurd their nest so beware trying to remove…

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The danger of mosquitoes

The danger of mosquitoes When you think of summertime what comes to mind; picnics, baseball and of course mosquitoes the size of Texas are the first things that pops into most people’s minds. The danger with mosquitoes isn’t just their annoying itchy bite. They can also carry some significant diseases like West Nile, valley fever,…

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Ants – the original body builders

Ants – the original body builders Did you know ants actually have strength that would equal a 200lb man putting a truck with a hippo in it, on his back? Of course, this strength level is a bit off kilter. If a man were the size of an ant of course, his strength level would…

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