Ants – the original body builders

Ants – the original body builders

Did you know ants actually have strength that would equal a 200lb man putting a truck with a hippo in it, on his back? Of course, this strength level is a bit off kilter. If a man were the size of an ant of course, his strength level would go up. Ants have the ability to carry a piece of food 50 times its own body weight back to its colony. In fact, there is an entire species of ants called worker ants, whose job is simply that. Their sole purpose in life is to go gather food for their queen; these ants have lean bodies and will use their bodies as if they are actual machines.

Ants are no pest to mess with because of their extreme strength in their body to mass ratio, and in the social being mentality. Most times ants are known to work together to move food sources back to their queen. While a crumb may seem insignificant to you, they are more than enough to draw in the chemical trail of ants in their masses. Make sure to keep your living space clean and tidy if you truly want to avoid ants.

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