The danger of mosquitoes

The danger of mosquitoes

When you think of summertime what comes to mind; picnics, baseball and of course mosquitoes the size of Texas are the first things that pops into most people’s minds. The danger with mosquitoes isn’t just their annoying itchy bite. They can also carry some significant diseases like West Nile, valley fever, and yellow fever are just a few that could cause major health issues; West Nile virus being of most concern here in the US.

West Nile virus has affected more than 30 thousand people in the United States just since 1999. This illness spreads from birds to mosquitoes to humans. In 1999, West Nile was brought to the forefront of the insect discussion after it was implicated in several deaths.

If you are suspect that you may have contracted the virus, one of three symptoms may appear. The symptoms include fever, headache, body aches and a general feeling of just not feeling well. Symptoms can last up to a few weeks. In some cases, extreme carries may suffer from meningitis and in other cases there are no symptoms at all, you can go through your life not even knowing it was contracted.

If you think you have been bitten by a mosquito carrying West Nile, if the symptoms do not clear up in day or two it is important to seek medical attention.

For more information on the risks of West Nile Virus and mosquitoes, please click here

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