Ghost Ants!

Are you being watched? Do you have that gut feeling that something is out there spying on you? Maybe just in the shadows or behind the baseboard? Ghost ants might be your answer. While they may have an eerie name, they aren’t really scary. It’s their small size and pale, ghostly color that gives them their name. This also make it difficult to see so they may just surprise you!

Would you call a black widow spider a war hero? If you answered “yes”, than you may already know that the black widow spider web was used to mark targets in World War ll.

Have you ever seen a flying squirrel? They don’t really fly, but rather glide. They have a fold of skin that when stretched out becomes their own personal sail. While this may be a cool skill, they can become pests if they gain access to your attic. The smell alone will let you know they are visiting. Don’t attempt to remove them yourself, as they are biters. Be sure to call a professional.

Did you know that a cricket eats both plants and animals? You do now!

Bed bugs love blood. So much in fact that they can consume up to seven times their own body weight. It’s easy to spot when they have been snaking because their bodies will turn bright red in color. All it needs is a warm blooded body and opportunity. The fact that humans aren’t covered in fur makes us their favorite.

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