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Stop them in their tracks

How can we combat invasive ants? Researchers may have found the solution. Invasive ants can take over your home in no time. They are annoying and will leave you covered in bites once they feel you are attacking their new home. Scientists however have found a virus that can infect aggressive invasive ants and stop them in their tracks.

One species, the argentine ant, is known to form super colonies. They merge with other ant colonies to take over any given area. They are extremely aggressive and stop at nothing to conquer their territory. Instead of fighting other ant colonies, they work together.

Scientists have said a virus like this one, could be what is happening to our bee population as well. The ants carry the virus back to their queen and eventually as it takes its course, the entire colony is dead. This virus could be very beneficial in stopping ants from intruding on areas they are not welcome, and scientists believe they can use it as a tool that keeps these aggressive ants in check.

Ants love sticky substances, and will carry food 20 times their own body weight back to their nest. They typically work together to sustain their colony and they can be a handful to get rid of.

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