Keep your kisses!

Keep your kisses!

As if the kiss of a kissing bug isn’t bad enough, now they are carrying infectious diseases as well. Kissing bugs got their name because they like to bite right on your face. They will in fact target your face as a place to bite. Now they are especially dangerous as many reports of Chagas disease come to light.

Chagas disease is carried by kissing bugs however you don’t always have to receive a bite to transmit the disease. The other transmissions of the parasite are less common such as organ transplants, blood transfusions and even pregnancy.

Chagas disease could cause you to experience heart issues, difficulties eating and digesting foods, they can also cause you to have an enlarged esophagus. Clearly all of these symptoms could be life threatening.

The only real way to avoid these kissers is to be aware of what is happening in your home and yard.  If you notice an increase in kissing bugs there are some tricks to try to keep them away like your citronella candles and torches. You can also try some pesticides but if the problem persists, the best option is to call your local pest control company for a strategy to eliminate the problem.

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