Backyard Blues

Backyard Blues

Do you have bare patches in your yard? Places where the grass just won’t seem to grow. Well, it might not be the fertilizer you’re using or that you’re not watering it enough. It could actually be the work of a tiny little pest called a Chinch bug. They usually show up in the summertime and attack the hottest parts of your yard. The grass begins to dry out and then when you try to water it more, nothing seems to happen.

Well, experts suggest that you water even more, as the little buggers are seriously sucking the moisture out of it. If that doesn’t work try planting new sod and protecting it with an insecticide made especially for chinch bugs. Treat the soil one or two times during the summer. Make sure you treat it right when it starts to loo dry and doesn’t respond to watering. If you wait any longer, you may just have to plant new soil once again. Chinch bugs can ruin grass in a matter of days, so you have to keep an eye out for signs of their presence.

These black colored little pests are about the size of a BB, and have white diamond shapes on their wings.

Is your grass showing bare spots? Have you checked for chinch bugs?

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