Hybrid termites

Hybrid termites

It’s not science fiction, it is actually happening. Two of the most invasive species of termites have decided to mate creating a new termite hybrid. This version of the termite is considered to be a “super” pest because they have the ability to reproduce even faster than either species of termites who were its parents. Also because of the differences in range between the species, these termites could open the door to entirely new habitats.

When researchers observed these two species of termites mating, they instantly became concerned because these two species each cause and estimated forty billion dollars’ worth of damage worldwide per year. They originated Asia but they have made their way across the ocean into the lower part of the US, presumably through imported wood and other goods.

Termites are probably the most damaging insect when it comes to your home. Really the only thing you can do is your annual inspections and making sure you talk to your local pest control expert about any concerns you might have. Termites are not one to be messed around with as they can completely destroy the main beams in your home before you even know they are there.

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