Merry Tick-Mas


Finding the perfect tree to bring home and decorate for the holiday season is a beloved tradition in many American households. However, most people don’t always consider that they may be taking home more than just the tree. Christmas trees are always full of various insects that most people don’t even notice once they set up their tree. However, due to the warmer temperatures this winter, officials are warning people that one surprise guest may just be the dreaded tick.

Ticks will remain active until temperatures are consistently below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So, there is a very good chance that they could hitch a ride on your Christmas tree this year. But, don’t get too worried. Most of the bugs that come home with you end up dying soon after you set up the tree. If you really need to do something about it, officials recommend that you either shake it vigorously outside before setting it up or hose it down with water and wait for it to dry. Under no circumstances should you use aerosol insect spray. It is extremely flammable, and you might end up burning down your house along with your insect guests.

Did you know that you may have hitchhikers on your Christmas tree? What will you do about it?

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