Great Insects for Your Garden

Great Insects for Your Garden

If you have a garden then you are naturally going to have insect inhabiting it. Harmful insect can be a gardeners nightmare, but there are many beneficial insects that will naturally take care of your pest problem. The green lacewing is an excellent bug to have on your team. They are masters at controlling the population of aphids, which can destroy a garden. For this reason they are often referred to as aphid lions. You definitely want these in your garden. Praying mantids are another major help in the garden. They are voracious and extremely fast eaters, meaning they can take care of much of your pest problem in a short amount of time. As an added bonus their larvae live in the soil and increase the aeration, making your plants healthier. Ground beetles actually help your plants grow faster. Aside from being a major predator to pests like cutworms, maggots, and flies their larvae live in the soil and help mix fertilizer with the soil.

Are you open to using beneficial insects to control your pest problem?

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