Baby Insects at Bristol Zoo

Baby Insects at Bristol Zoo

Until they were rediscovered in 2001, Lord Howe Island stick insects were thought to be extinct. In an international effort to preserve their species and hopefully increase their number, two months ago scientists sent batches of eggs to Bristol Zoo in in England as well as 2 other zoos to be hatched and tended. The first hatchlings from the batch of eggs sent to Bristol Zoo from the Melbourne Zoo just hatched this January. The tiny little stick insects are finally starting to break from their shells and enter this big world. So far 38 eggs have hatched and are from one day to two weeks old. More babies are being hatched every day. These little bugs are bright green, around 2cm in length, and emerge from pea-sized eggs. They tend to hatch early in the morning as that is when the fewest predators would be around in the wild. They are being well taken care of by the zoo workers, and it looks like this once forgotten species may be making its way back into existence. We’ll have to watch how things go with the bunch as they grow.

Had you ever heard of the Lord Howe Island stick insect? Did you know it was thought to be extinct until a short while ago?

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